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rfid vehicle tracking system - Hinjewadi, Pune

World class RFID System Integration Company based at Pune (India), serving the globe. 

Infotek Software & Systems, also known as i-TEK, has to its credit several live sites and unique pilot traces across diverse market verticals deployed by its vibrant & experienced team of engineers.

i-TEK s products and applications improve business processes where identification, authentication and automatisation are of prime concern.

i-TEK adds value to organizations by way of improved labor efficiency, better inventory management across the supply chain, improved product integrity and reduced shrinkages.

This system is used by organizations like GE to identify, authorize and grant access to employee vehicles inside company premises. It is also being used at Airports, Toll-gates, Car Rentals and Warehouses for long range vehicle identification.

The Active RFID technology used identifies a vehicle at a distance of up to 10 meters and speeds of up to 200 Km/hr. The system is highly reliable in all weather conditions and is robust.

The system has a scalability to not only identify the vehicle but also the driver. The i-TEK controller integrated within the active RFID Nedap Transit reader facilitates offline authorization and controls.

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