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Biotechnology Microbiology Training Centre - Mohali Sector-71, Chandigarh


Batches starting from Oct-Nov, 2011

(Winter/Summer Project Work)

Enroll yourself by sending resume at

Taurus Biotech with real time industrial experts will train you to apply the knowledge & skills learned during college or job. The benefits are immediate and life long. The skills practiced at the institute will definitely enhance your knowledge, upgrade your skills, improve your performance, and assist in advancing career in various Industries like Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverages etc.

The courses are designed to impart training on various equipments and techniques for Students, Fresh graduates and post graduates in Microbiology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, and Pharmacy & Diploma Holders for their Project work and Dissertation

  1. Training in Industrial Microbiology

 Duration 6 Weeks         Course fee: Rs. 7500/-

  1. Training in Quality Control

Duration 6 Weeks          Course fee: Rs. 7500/-

  1. Training in Fermentation Technology

Duration 8 Weeks          Course fee: Rs. 14500/-

  1. Project work in Industrial Microbiology/Biotechnology

Duration 12 Weeks        Course fee: Rs. 18500/-

  1. Work Shop on Life sciences

Duration 3 Weeks          Course fee: Rs. 5000/-

6.  Training in Spectrophotometer/HPLC

Duration 6 Weeks          Course fee: Rs. 15000/-

Special emphasis will be on Basic concepts, Equipment usage, Calibration, Validation, GLP, GMP and Documentation for imparting a professional approach to the candidate.

Contact us.

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