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Civil Engineering Training- INSTRUCT - Majestic, Bangalore

INSTRUCT started as CACE in 1989, Later named as RICMAR in 1993 later incorporated as INSTRUCT in 1997. So far till 2011 trained over 20000 Civil Engineers and other personels connected to Construction Engineering from its National level seminars/Workshops/Symposiums other levels of training programmes Currently located at Ist floor, UVCE Alumni Association Building, KR Circle.

SUNIL Rk posted this ad for Short Term Courses in Majestic Bangalore on 03-Sep-2011 14:40:40 and it has been visited by 760 visitors so far on Clickindia.

Contact details:

SUNIL Rk (Contact Advertiser)

9740785720, 08023215076

#279, HMS raod, Brindavan Nagar, Bnglalore - 560 019

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