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PPP - Private Placement Program, HYIP - High Yield Investment Program - Mumbai


We are Consultant  - Facilitator for (PPP) - Private Placement Programme located at Mumbai - India.
We Arrange Short Term, Long Term Funds Against Instruments Such as - Bank Guarantees (BG), Safe Keeping Receipt (SKR), Fixed Deposits (FD), Stand By Letter Of Credit (SBLC), Cash Holding (CH) etc.
45 days & 40 weeks funding program againts- Cash-Hold, Fdr, Bg, Skr.
Bank: Any Bank who can give MT799 & MT760.
Instrument: Cash-Hold, FDR, BG, SKR.
Value: Min 10cr
MT799: require for Cash-Hold, FDR, BG, SKR
MT760: require for BG & SKR
Hold: Administrative Hold ( MT799 & MT760 ) for 45 days or 40 weeks......
Processing Time: 7 Banking Working Days


Vijay D Khandagale updated this ad for Financial Consulting in Mumbai on 26-Oct-2011 14:56:30 and it has been visited by 1374 visitors so far on Clickindia.

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