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Corporate Training on Java Web Services Java WebServices training in Delhi NCR Noida Gurgaon - Delhi

- Corporate Training on Java Web Services Java WebServices training in Delhi NCR Noida Gurgaon by Amit Gupta
- Asking price is Negotiable for this Short Term Courses

What Are Web Services?

Web services are client and server applications that communicate over internet using HTTP protocol. As per W3C consortium, web services provide a standard means of communication between software applications running on different run time environment and  platforms. Web services inter operate and are extensible, credit – the use of XML. Web services can be combined in a loosely coupled way to achieve complex applications.

This training on web services is for software companies, IT Companies and MNCs. The corporate training on java web services is offered by Buddha Tree System’s consultant having more than 12 years of  rich experience to his credit who has worked for big IT Companies in India and abroad like US, Canada and UK.

The Java Web Services Training Agenda is as under:

Web Services Training(3 Days)

Day 1

Introducing Web Services Standards






XML Schema Primer

XSD Intro
XSD Why Use
XSD How To
Simple Types

XSD Elements
XSD Attributes
XSD Restrictions

Complex Types

XSD Elements
XSD Empty
XSD Elements Only
XSD Text Only
XSD Mixed
XSD Indicators
XSD Substitution
XSD Example

Data Types

XSD String
XSD Date
XSD Numeric
XSD Misc
XSD Editor
XSD Summary

Schema References

XSD Reference
XSD Validator


What Good Is a WSDL

Generating Client-Support Code from a WSDL

The @WebResult Annotation

WSDL Structure

A Closer Look at WSDL Bindings

Key Features of Document-Style Services

Validating a SOAP Message Against a WSDL’s XML Schema

The Wrapped and Unwrapped Document Styles

WSDL Wrap-Up

Code First Versus Contract First

A Contract-First Example with wsimport

A Code-First, Contract-Aware Approach

Limitations of the WSDL

SOAP Handling

SOAP: Hidden or Not?

SOAP 1.1

SOAP Messaging Architecture

Programming in the JWS Handler Framework

Injecting a Header Block into a SOAP Header

Configuring the Client-Side SOAP Handler

Adding a Handler Programmatically on the Client Side

Generating a Fault from a @WebMethod

Adding a Logical Handler

Adding a Service-Side SOAP Handler

Summary of the Handler Methods

The MessageContext and Transport Headers

An Example to Illustrate Transport-Level Access

Web Services and Binary Data

Three Options for SOAP Attachments

Using Base64 Encoding for Binary Data

Using MTOM for Binary Data


Day 2

Server Side Development Leftovers

Validation and Fault Processing


Fault Processing

Java SE Deployment

Client Side Development Leftovers

JAX-WS Proxies

The JAX-WS WSDL to Java Mapping

Service Endpoint Interface Annotations

Invoking a Web Service with a Proxy

Fault Handling with Proxies

Asynchronous Invocation


Asynchronous Methods with Proxies


Introduction to JAXP

When to Use SAX 

Parsing an XML File Using SAX

Implementing SAX Validation

Handling Lexical Events

Using the DTDHandler andEntityResolver

When to Use DOM

Reading XML Data into a DOM

Validating with XML Schema



Writing an XML Schema for JAXB

Unmarshalling and Using the Data

Building and Marshalling an XML Document


JAXB Annotations



Creating and Sending a Simple Message

Adding Content to the Header

Adding Content to the SOAPPart Object

Adding a Document to the SOAP Body

Manipulating Message Content Using SAAJ or DOM APIs

Adding Attachments

Adding Attributes

Using SOAP Faults

Securing Web Services Using WS-Security

Generating the certificate

Securing the Web Service

Securing the Client

Signing the Messages

Case Study

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