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Diploma in medical cosmetology - Rasta Peth, Pune

Suvish cosmoderm Academy is well known academy in pune which offer different courses in skin and hair practice. Its a golden opportunity for all the doctors to upgrade there  knowledg and there practice to great extent.


Skin (Advanced diploma in medical cosmetology):-

- Chemical Peels

- Microdermabrassion

- Derma rollers

- Laser physics and application in   skin practice

- Botox

- Dermal fillers

- Radio Cautry

- Electrology(ultrasonic, hi frequcy , Galvani, biolift)

- meso therapy

Hair(Advanced diploma in Medical tricology)

- Hair anatomy & Physiology

- keratine treatment

- Stemcell therapy

- Meso Therapy

- Clear treatment

- Uses of diffrent medicine and topical application in hair treatment.

- laser and other electrological devices in hair treatment.


- body composion analysis

-Diet chart

- Nutrition

- exercise

Vacum and suction



cello, deep heat


We Shape your Career

If you are the one who always wish to sculpt or beautify an ordinary next door girl into stunning persona……………

 then Medical cosmetology is the only career for you to fulfil your quest of knowledge and creativity. At Suvish Cosmoderm Academy you achieve a talent and creativity of beautifying and can get great returns by enhancing your practice!

Suvish Cosmoderm Acadmy is global instituteoffering of professional courses in aesthetic and cosmetic sceinces in India .

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