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ICWA Pimpri Chinchwad Akurdi Chapter - Pimpri Chinchwad

Admission Open for Dec 2012 for Foundation, Intermediate, Final Examination of ICWA, Excellent Coaching offered at ATSS and ShivajiNagar for following Subjects....

Foundation-  Organisation & Management Fundamentals , Accounting, Eco & Business  Fundamentals, Business Mathematics & Statistics Fundamentals

Intermediate - Group I - Accounting, Commerical & Indutrial Law & Auditing, Direct Taxes.

Group II - Cost & Management Accounting,Opreation Management & Information System, Indirect Taxes

Fianl - Group III - Capital Market Analysis & Coproate Laws, Financial Management & Inernation Fianance, Management Accounting- Stategic Management, Indirect & Direct Tax Management.

Group IV - Management Accounting - Enterprise Performance Management, Advance Fiananical Accounting & Reproting, Cost Audit & Oprational Audit, Business Valuation Management

Mrs. Deepa Josji posted this ad for CA - CS - ICWA in Pimpri Chinchwad on 27-Dec-2011 12:12:16 and it has been visited by 801 visitors so far on Clickindia.

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Mrs. Deepa Josji (Contact Advertiser)

8605148330, 020-27483093

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