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TASKI TR 101 Carpet Shampoo - Ayanavaram, Chennai

For the interim cleaning of carpet and upholstery.

TASKI TR101 is a concentrated carpet shampoo for all types of carpet and upholstery.

  • Compact, dry foam
  • Excellent cleaning power
  • Neutral pH for gentle cleaning
  • Leaves no sticky residue
  • Pleasant to use
  • Fresh scent



TASKI TR101 is a pH neutral, pleasantly scented, concentrated carpet shampoo for the interim cleaning of all types of carpet and upholstery. The consistent, dry foam cleans gently yet effectively. Shampoo residue is easily removed by vacuuming, thus hindering rapid resoiling.

Instructions for use


Preclean heavy traffic areas with a carpet pile brush and then vacuum the entire carpet. Or brush vacuum the entire carpet. Remove spots / stains according to TASKI Maintenance Instructions for textile floor coverings. Prepare upholstery fabrics accordingly.



  • Light soiling : 300 ml TASKI TR101 in 10 litres of water (3% solution)
  • Heavy soiling : 1 litre TASKI TR101 in 10 litres of water (10% solution)



Shampoo carpet borders, and areas inaccessible by machine, by hand with a soft bristle brush; use an appropriate machine for shampooing the open area. While the carpet is still damp, lift carpet pile (e.g. velour, deep pile carpet) with a carpet pile brush or rake.


When the carpet is completely dry, thoroughly vacuum to remove any crystallized shampoo residue. Shampoo upholstery with a hand brush, allow to dry, and thoroughly vacuum.

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