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6 MW Biomass Power Plant Equipment for sale - Hosur Road, Bangalore

6 MW Biomass Power Plant Equipment for sale

6 MW biomass based power Equipments for sale

Located India.

Set up in 2003- 2004, The project commenced operations in Jan 2004.

The plant can run on variety of bio-mass, not limited to Rice husk, Sugarcane Bagasse, Mango seed, ground nut shell, Coconut fibre/shell, Mango wood/seeds, Dolachar coal, Mixed wood, Julie flora/eucalyptus.

Plant was completely refurbished in 2008 and re-stared working upto 2011, currently shut down

List of Equipments 


Make: IJT

Capacity: 30 TPH

Pressure: 60 Kg/cmsq

Temperature: 480 deg C

Travelling Grate

Fuel: Biomass

Fuel storage Shed


RO/DM Plant,

Cooling Tower,

ID & FD Fans and Motors.

3 Wood Chippers,

Feed water Pumps and Piping,

Fuel and Ash handling Systems,

New MS Chimney installed in 2008

Separate Bunkers for Bagasse and other fuel.


Make: Triveni

Capacity: 6000 KW

Type: Condensing

Inlet Pressure: 60 Kg/cmsq

Temperature: 480 deg C

Gear Box                 

Make: Triveni,

b) Speed Ratio: Input 8250, Output 1500 (55:1)

c) Couplings:


Lub & Oil System




Capacity: 6000 KW,

Output Voltage: 11 KV,

4 Pole Alternator

With DCS Control Panel, AVR etc.

Supplied by BHEL, Bhopal, India.

Power Plant Cables

Switchyard and Substation

Expected Price: 160000000/-

Applicable Taxes etc Extra/

2% Commission from end buyer. Plus our expenses incurred in Plant inspection/meeting with owners. Plant Visit or meeting with Owners or revealing the location can be done only after NCND and commission confirmation agreements.

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SS Srivastava (Contact Advertiser)

9972524525, 9972524525

Hosur Road Bangalore

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Last updated: 01-May-2014
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