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Car Rentals cabs in hyderabad - Hyderabad


Car Rentals in Hyderabad started out offering low cost car rental/hire and grew to one of the Hyderabad’s biggest car rentals agency We offer Car Rentals and Taxi Services from/to Hyderabad. We also serve almost all popular destination cities in India. We focus mainly on intercity and outstation trips though cabs are also available for local travel. Our drivers are instructed to give utmost importance to the customer’s safe at all time. They don’t act like drivers. They behave like custodians of your safety. With their customer friendly attitude, they always make your traveling a rewarding experience. We are not just about price; we offer you great value for your money as well as quality service. 

Car rentals Hyderabad updated this ad for Taxi - Bus - Car Rentals in Hyderabad on 17-May-2012 20:58:18 and it has been visited by 229 visitors so far on Clickindia.

Call Car rentals Hyderabad - 9959919668 / 09666326033

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