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Lic Agent in Kolkata, Lic Advisor near Kolkata, Lic Consultant, Lic Plans - Kolkata

LIC PORISEVA gives you a premium service. You can get Lic Consultant, LIC insurance plans, Lic Forms, Jeevan Bima, LIC Agent in Kolkata - Sebabrata Guchhait, 9477012121.

LOAN : At present loans are guaranteed on unemcumbered policies upto 90% of the surrender value under policies which are inforce for the full sum assured and upto 85% of the surrender value on policies which are paid up for a reduced sum assured. The minimum amount for which a loan can now be granted under a policy is Rs. 1000/-. The rate of interest charged at present varies from 9%  to 10.5% per annum payable half-yearly depending upon the type of plans. The terms and conditions printed on the policy bond reveal whether a particular policy is eligible for a loan.

CLAIM BY MATURITY/INSTALLMENT PAYMENT : The Corporation strives to settle maturity claim on or before the due date. Survival benefit payments upto Rs. 60000/- under money-back type plans, barring a few exceptions, are released without calling for original policy document and discharge voucher.

DEATH CLAIM : In the event of the death of the life assured, the claimant ( nominee, assignee or next of kin ) should intimate the fact of such death to the branch office where the policy is serviced. The original policy bond and the death certificate shall be submitted to the branch for getting the claim settled. The claim is usually payable to the nominee/assignee or the legal successor, as the case may be. However, if the deceased policy holder has not nominated/assigned the policy or if he/she has not made the will regarding  the policy money, the claim is payable to the holder of a succession certificate or some such evidence of title from a court of law. 

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