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Home made Pure Vegetarian Brahmin food, home delivery - Choolaimedu, Chennai

We at Padma Sri Associations provide Services at your doorstep. One stop shop for all Your Cooking and Housekeeping services.
We are just a call away.

Home delivery for only Pure Vegetarian Brahmin food, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner @ ATTRACTIVE Prices on a monthly basis and we welcome birthday party 's.

Also, we provide Housekeeping services across Chennai, providing the following range of services

Care for Elderly People, Housekeeping services/ Maid Services, Veg / Non Veg Cooks, We don’t stop with providing the above personnel; we monitor them for a period of 3 months. In case the person leaves the job within 3 months, we will provide free replacement within 1 week time period

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