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ePadasalai - School Security System - Kilpauk, Chennai

ePadasalai - School Security System

ePadasalai, the brain child of EGB Systems and Solutions serves as a gateway to the educational systems. EGB Systems with its years of experience and in-depth market research has now come forward with exclusive ERP solution for Schools. Our single-minded focus on the education sector is strongly backed by a large dedicated team of experienced educationists and accomplished IT professionals in creation Of ePadasalai.

By school security system module you can monitor the total security. You can control the entire CCTV camera and other security products with this module.

EGB Systems & Solutions Pvt Ltd updated this ad for Security Services in Kilpauk Chennai on 25-Oct-2013 17:13:20 and it has been visited by 171 visitors so far on Clickindia.

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EGB Systems & Solutions Pvt Ltd (Contact Advertiser)


No 2, Manonmani Ammal Street, Kilpauk, Chennai - 600010

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Last updated: 25-Oct-2013
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