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Oi Play School Play School Franchise - Banodi, Pune


Play School Franchise:

Setting up a Preschool is not as easy as the name sounds. It involves a lot of co ordination of various activities/resources, which might be difficult for an individual to handle on his/her own considering their involvement in various other things. Oi Playschool has made this job easier to people exploring Preschool business by providing end to end support in terms of setting up a preschool and also running it successfully through their franchise module. Considering the support extended by the Oi Team, I have opted for the 3rd franchise now and I am planning to open up multiple centres of Oi Playschool over a period of time.

OI Play School posted this ad for Play Schools in Banodi Pune on 23-Apr-2013 14:34:18 and it has been visited by 244 visitors so far on Clickindia.

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