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part time job & data entry job (copy and paste) home based online job - Bhubaneswar

Job Type
Part time
< 1 Year
< 1 Lac
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Contact Advt.

work from home or Office oranywhere in India. It is an ad posted online job. Work in your leisurehour to make additional income. Enjoy Personal Freedom and FinancialIndependence. We are offering this Part time job opportunity toeveryone those who want to earn extra income upto 15,000.  No need ofTraining. For Details call 9009663099(after 2pm)0r Visit CPWORK.TK

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Pritish updated this ad for Part time Data Entry Jobs in Bhubaneswar on 31-Mar-2014 17:39:51 and it has been visited by 297 visitors so far on Clickindia.

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Last updated: 31-Mar-2014
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