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UNIVERSITY OF JERUSALEM  Accredited by World - Wide Accreditation Commission Of Christian Educational Institutions, Richmond, VA, USA     Accredited by International Council of Evangelical Theological Accreditation Inc., Louisiana, USA    


Accredited by Great Commission Accreditation International, Netherlands, Europe     Accredited by Revival Ministries , (ABC Apostolic Bible Centre) Australia     Accredited with International Board of African Ministries (IBAM), South  Africa     Accredited and Affiliated with The DIAM International University, New Delhi     Member of National Association for Theological Accreditation (NATA),  Bangalore     Organized under the Laws of the State of Tamil Nadu, INDIA   Chancellor: Rev. Dr. Prof. V. Albert Jayasingh M.A., M.B.A., L.L.D., Ph.D.  Bishop Rev. Dr. D. L. Sanchu Ph.D., Th.D., LL.D., D.Litt., D.D.  Chief Rector       Bishop Dr. J. Onesimus Thayalagaran D.Min., Ph.D.  Registrar (Admn)  Rev. Dr. P. Michael D.D., Ph.D.  Registrar (Academic) & Director of Studies     Pray for the peace of Jerusalem Ps. 122: 6   BROCHURE     University of Jerusalem has been accredited as a centre of Excellence in the field of Theological Education both in India and abroad.     The University of Jerusalem is preparing God s people for the End Time Harvest by presenting the Accredited Degree programs. 

  • Lessons and Tests By Correspondence 
  • So, the Courses can be studied at home 
  • To Servants of God and to all Christians 
  • To Men and Women 
  • No Denominational barrier 
  • In English & in Tamil 
  • Excellent Syllabus 
  • Enrollment during any time of the year    

GLOBALLY ACCREDITED THEOLOGICAL DEGREES OFFERED  C.Th., D.Th., B.Min., B.Th., B.D., M.Min., M.Th., M.Div., D.Min., D.D., Th.D., S.T.D., Ph.D. (Biblical studies), Ph.D. (Christian Leadership), Ph.D. (Church Management), and Ph.D. (Christian Counseling).    


SPECIAL COURSES OFFERED  BBA, MBA (Christian Business Administration)  MA & Post Graduate Diploma in Christian Counseling     HONORARY DOCTORATE  Requisitions are invited from those who are involved in ministry and also interested in receiving either an Honorary Doctorate such as D.D., D.Min., D.C.L., D.Litt., LL.D., D.Hum., D.Ltts., D.Miss., D.Music. in the UJ convocation or by post     PROMOTIONAL CO-ORDINATOR 


You may serve in your free time as Promotional Coordinator of UJ, introduce UJ to others and motivate them to enroll as students in UJ.  Inform them to mention in their application form, your address as the one, who introduced UJ to them.  Then, you will receive Coordinator Contribution of 10% out the fees received from them.     ORDINATION  Those who are involved in the ministry may be Ordained and will be issued Permanent Ordination Certificate.

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