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14 Days SSB Interview/ FSB Interview Coaching Offered by Defence Academy - Housing Unit, TNHB, Ganapathy, Coimbatore

Rs. 7500
- 14 Days SSB Interview/ FSB Interview Coaching Offered by Defence Academy by Colonel Jayavel
- Asking price is ₹7500 for this Defence Service

14 Days Services Selection Board Interview Coaching- Daily schedule Day Event Time Remarks 1 Non Verbal and Verbal Intelligence 2 hours Writing - Self Description 1 hour 2 Indl lecture 10 min Subj Choice of the candidate What are the OLQ 1 hour Explanation Do you have it in you 1 hour Movie Screening Test 1 hour Initial Screening in procedure 3 5 Days at the SSB 30 in Movie First Psyche tests 1 hours Only std briefing GD 30 min Gp activity Indl Lecture 10 min Topic to be selected 4 Psyche Test 1 hour Psyche explains Writing TAT 1 hour Psych correction Writing WAT Test One 4 Explanation of WAT 1 hr Psyche explains SRT 30 mins Test One Actual Times TAT 45 mins Test- 02 5 GD 1 hour Indl Lecture 30 min GP Ist test- 1 hour 6 GP Explanation GD Prac Lecture Prac Sample GP Test 7 WAT+ TAT+ SRT Complete Test For Assessment 8 GP ex GD Indl Lect + Conf Building Test Test For Assessment 9 PIQ Interview Tech Writing Explanation 10 Interview IO 11 OUT Door PGT & Indl task 12 Our Door HGT, CT 13 Doubt Clearance 14 Final Test Psych Pin pointing Mistakes Hostel We have hostel facilities Presently we can admit only Boys in our hostel Food available Out Door We conduct twelve indoor And two out-door classes Our Staff made Hand book is issued to all our candidates Fee 14 days fee 14000 Rs,1000 per day 10 days 10000 Rs. 1000 per day Coaching fee Rs. 8000 Revised Fee Guide and CD(included) Hostel with Food Rs.350 per day Discount for Serving/ex service personnel Rs. 500 Daily Activity Schedule Day Time Activity Remarks 1 1000-1300 IQ Test PIQ Informal Interview 2 08:00-08:45 OIR -0ne Indl work 10:00-10:45 TAT- 01 11:00-11:15 WAT- 01 1130-12:05 SRT- 01 Gd-01 LECTURETTE-01 Afternoon Own time Work Newspaper Presentation work 3 Repeat Of Day -02 4 Repeat Of Day -03 5 Confidence Building Test After OIR test and Psych full test 6 Mock Interview OIR 7 GPE Explained Prac -01 8 GPE Prac -02 GD, Lecture 9 Test GPE Test GD- Lecture 10 PGT HGT Indl task 11 CT FGT OTW 12 Visit Candidate To give Presentation to school kid 13 Doubt Clearing session 14 Conference With DS Departure We advocate : Practice Writing Complete Psychological Test every day Daily review Current Affairs- News via TV and Paper Practice public speaking by practicing on any topic in front of a mirror every day Write about two GD topics every day Prepare a power point presentation of Army, Navy IAF, Coast Guard Get Interview questions and answers written Gain confidence by speaking to students and getting motivated via visits, chats, movies, and action Call 094437 20076 Visit Or join defence academy coimbatore

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Colonel Jayavel ( Registered since 2008-04-13 06:20:18 ) updated this ad on 12-Sep-2017 12:11:28.

Call Colonel Jayavel - 04222511398, 094437 20076
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Map & Address
Housing Unit, TNHB, Ganapathy, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.
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Call Colonel Jayavel
04222511398, 094437 20076





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