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Best final year Embedded project centers in chennai - Tambaram, Chennai

Rs. 20000
- Best final year Embedded project centers in chennai by Ram Kumar
- Asking price is ₹20000 for this Engineering

The process of making a board of silicon board more intelligent with computer programs embedded into it. The extensive knowledge of our experts has helped in delivering embedded system projects with hardware accessibility in a very short time.
We to supported Domains are:
- Arduino Projects
- Raspberry Pi Projects
- Home appliances based Embedded project
- Robotics Projects
- Bio-Metric based Projects
- Security System
- PC Interactive Projects
- General Monitoring, Control And Automation
- GSM based Projects
Why to choose Embedded Project in your FINAL YEAR PROJECT?
Placing an embedded microprocessor system into a product makes the product smart. It can then be programmed to do things that are too difficult or expensive using conventional technologies such as logic, or time switches, and so on. Link such a smart product to the Internet and it can do even more. For example, products can be programmed to do self-diagnostic checks and to report back to the manufacturer. Not only does this provide the potential to collect data that can be used to improve products, it can also allow for the manufacturer to inform the user of potential problems, so that action can be taken. This opens up possibilities for improved customer service as well as new services. Basically, embedded microprocessors enable firms to compete on product and service innovation, by adding product and service features that customers value, but which would be largely impossible without this technology.
We at Narpavi Technologies, have an experienced bunch of talented professionals, who have worked on several Embedded system related projects and have even published papers in National Conferences. We, the Embedded team in Narpavi Technologies, proudly boast that we are the best people in Chennai to provide the best taste of Embedded systems to students.
We, not only provide you the end result, but also teach all the related concepts of Embedded systems, which no other institute provide you. Believe us and we will give you the best!

Ram Kumar
Mobile Numbers: 96771 11760 / 96771 11762
Narpavi technologies,
Rainbow Apartments, C2, 2nd Floor, M.K. Reddy Street, West Tambaram, Chennai-600045. Landmark: Opp to BSNL West Tambaram Telephone exchange.
Phone: 044 48545092
Websites: |
Mail Id:

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Ram Kumar ( Registered since 2017-08-09 17:58:33 ) posted this ad on 12-Aug-2017 18:08:47.

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Rajaji Rd, West Tambaram, Tambaram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600045, India
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