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i20fever educational Overseas - Hyderabad

i20fever educational Overseas

This group, started by the i20fever team (c), finds its pleasure in guiding all the students aspiring to pursue their studies in the United States.
All the doubts that you get during the Process of:

Preparing for GRE and TOEFL/Application Material SOP/resume
Applying to Right universities/Univeristy Selection
Getting i20 /how to approach for AID/funding
Visa Documentation/Preparing for the Visa Interview

And ALL that you get during the way to the US are discussed here.We were at your stage once, and now feel to guide you in making your process Better and Smoother.

Wishing You Success!! 

harsha posted this ad for Career Counseling in Hyderabad on 19-Jun-2009 17:36:37 and it has been visited by 2246 visitors so far on Clickindia.

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