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Art N Craft - Andheri, Mumbai

Hello Friends Welcome to Gatha Arts (Classes)

One Stroke Painting Parchment Craft (Basic & Advanced) Paper Quilling (Basic, Advanced & Miniature) Punch Craft (Basic, Advanced & Miniature) Emboss Cards Vellum Cards Tea bag Folding Iris Cards Meenakari Strip Art Origata Mosiac Tray Reverse Glass Tanjore

Traditional Tanjore Painting (24 carat Gold)

Jute Painting Coffee Painting Oil Painting Acrylic Painting Water Colors Painting Warli Painting Fabric Painting Madhubani Painting Miniature Painting

3D Mural Collage Work Lamasa Lippan Work Name Plates Designer Pots Jharokha Artificial Flower making Candle Making Waterfall Photo Frames Origami Tie & Dye Paper Mache Paper Sculpture Calligraphy Stain Glass and more...

Rina C. Malaviya updated this ad for Hobby - Music - Dance in Andheri Mumbai on 10-Feb-2010 22:38:59 and it has been visited by 3074 visitors so far on Clickindia.

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