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Institute For NDT Training In Kerala - Banashankari Stage 3, Bangalore

Decibel Nde Training Institute is an educational institution providing world class Training & Certification in the field of Non Destructive Testing Technology & Quality Management Engineering.

Decibel has always been a forward thinking, modern and student orientated Institution with a thriving and vibrant student community from across the globe. We have a firm commitment to confronting inequality and celebrating diversity.

Our mission of 'Making Education Work’ mean our students' future is our top priority. With our excellent facilities and staff, you can be sure that Decibel is a first class choice for your chosen area of study.

We have always been pioneering in our course provision, being the first Indian Institution to offer courses in advanced NDE Techniques like Time of Flight Diffraction & Phased Array and first Asian Institution to have an Organized Training program for Mechanical/General Quality Controller.

Courses Offered:

Basic NDT Courses:

  • Ultrasonic Testing
  • Radiography Testing
  • Magnetic Particle Testing
  • Liquid Penetrant Testing
  • Visual or Optical Testing

Advanced NDT Courses:

  • Introduction to TOFD (Time of Flight Diffraction)
  • Ultrasonic Testing Level II A
  • Ultrasonic Testing Level II B
  • Ultrasonic Testing Level II C
  • Radiography Film Intrepretation

CWI-AWS Prepratory Course

CSWIP 3.1 Prepratory Course

Level III Prepratory Course

Courses For B-Tech Students

  • DB-101.B Module
  • DB-101.D1 Module

Courses For M-Tech Students

  • DB-M505.SA.Module
  • DB-M404.CA.Module

Courses For +2 & Diploma Students.

  • DB-101.A Module
  • DB-101.C Module


Decibel Nde has the Largest Functional placement desk with representatives in UK, USA, AUSTRALIA, RUSSIA, OMAN, SAUDI ARABIA, QATAR, KUWAIT, ABUDHABI, INDIA, PAKISTHAN, IRAN, IRAQ, JAPAN, SOUTH KOREA and AFRICA. With this largest placement network we have achieved a 100 % initial placement for all our Students till to date.

Decibel has attained a collective Overall Placement Numbers of 50000/- ( for both internal & external students ) from our training program under taken in Europe, Middle East , Far East, Africa, & Asia.

Decibel ‘s – Placement Desk will stay behind to support each and every candidate to get a job for gaining experience in this industry to what they have learned.

Decibel Guarantees a 30 % placement in each batch of “Certified Quality Controller” Certification Program. Decibel will provide necessary assistance for all the remaining candidates of each batch for necessary placements.

Our Students are working across the Globe in various EPC Companies and below mentioned are few among the many where our students are working.

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Call Decibel NDE Inspections and Training Institute - 9895027721 / 04662214333

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