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PDS Training in Delhi-NCR

TrainingPDS offers you the most comprehensive and the most conducive
coaching format with unmatched training caliber available in-house.
No other training center provide with this high calibration of course
module and the lowest fees.  Our training is designed in job oriented
pattern  and ensures that the candidate does get what he actually

The PDS course(software training) will cost 35000/- which include all the listed
modules(lowest fees, maximum course)

Piping Module
Equipment Module
Isometric Extraction
Fault Resolution Lectures
Clash Detection
Error Files Interpretations
Hits Report Analysis
RDB Report Resolution
Special Training Session for Smart Plant Review
Course Duration: 100 hrs
The time duration of the course is the almost double when compared to
other training providers/institutes(54 hours training) .  The course
cover-up is maximum with all the PDS modules, which no other institute
would be providing.

Duration : 100hrs(two week fast track course) will cost 45000/- all inclusive
               100hrs(four week course) will cost 35000/- all inclusive
Batch size for you would be hopefully for 4 guys, but as a policy we
never exceed 5 guys.

Home Coaching may be availed at an additional cost of 10000/-(only for
Additional Discount may be availed for group(Discount of 1000/- every
person added/maximum group of 5).
Referral Discounts would be added up to the referring individual only.

Timings could be suited to match the candidates profile.
Place of Training could be Connaught Place or Naraina; whichever is preferred.


In addition to above, The Advance Piping Tutorial would cost you 35000/- which includes :

Course Overview :
Introduction to industry.
Development of drafting skills and basics of engineering drawing.
Guidelines of various process plants and their drafting requirements.
Basic fundamentals and concepts of piping design and drafting.
Preparation of Isometric drawings and Bill of Material.
Basics of plot plan development.
Detailing of pipe rack and yard piping.
Guidelines of equipment used in process plant.
Development of equipment & piping layouts.
Preparation of nozzle orientation.
Basic study of selected manufacturing processes.
Guidelines to preparation of as built drawings.
Overview of international codes and standards.
Computer Aided Drafting.
Basic information about welding, inspection & testing.
Interview preparation and Mock Interviews.

Module Details :

Standards & Symbol
Overview of Engineering Organisation
Role of Piping Engineer, Codes & Standards

Pipe and Fittings
Classification of Pipes, Special Parts
Pipe Fittings, Classification of Flanges Valves
Valves Assembly
Valve Types

Plot Plan And Equipment Layout
Types of Plot Plan
Plot Plan Development
Equipment Layout

Piping Layout & Pipe Rack
Piping Plan Development
Piping For Instruments, Arrangement Of Valves
Piping Layout Drawing, Pipe Rack

Pipe Support
Classification of Pipe Support
Design of Pipe Support, Pipe Support Chart

Piping Study
Drum Piping, Pump Piping
Compressor Piping, Heat Exchanger Piping
Column Piping, Reactor Piping

Line Sizing
Types of Flow
Pipe Sizing Procedures
Jacketed Piping

3D Routing System
Routing Techniques

In a Nutshell, we prepare the candidate for the industry.  Ours being
a job oriented course we stick to the thumb rule of preparing the
candidate for the industry.

Kindly forward us your CV so that we could review it for all the
possibilities and then thererby suggest you as to upon which training
format would be the most conducive for your individual candidature.

At TrainingPDS we are commited to compliance and satisfaction of the candidate.

Kindly be informed that its always better for one to get trained with
people of same profession and back ground, as it becomes easier in
approach and understanding the concepts.  Since the training is always
in batches, its always preferable to bring up a group together.
Kindly try to make up yourself into a batch if possible, so that your
training module could be custom designed in the relevant pattern.

Feel Free to contact for Piping Tutorials as well.

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