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IELTS Pondicherry Training Coaching Centre - Pondicherry

We are happy to inform you that we do provide a specialized training for IELTS, TOEFL and GRE and English for Effective Communication. The courses are run by highly qualified and experienced trainers trained by the British Council. For further information you could perhaps call or walk into our office for a chat. 


The centre has a British-council trained IELTS trainer with an 8-year experience in language training. We have sent more than 400 candidates for IELTS exams with over 80% success rate. The trainer has an M.A., M.Phil in English language and literature and has served as lecturer in English in Regional engineering college, Trichy (now NIT), St. Joseph fs college, trichy and Loyola College, Chennai. So you can be assured of a professional training. The centre does have a large collection of material

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