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SHARDA SURGICAL & UROLOGY CENTRE is providing Facilities like, All Types Surgical Operations, Laproscopic Surgery for: Gallbladder Stones, Appendecities, Ingunial Hernias, Adhenolysis, Appendecities, Ovaries-Tubes & Ulterus, Diagnostic, Transurethral Surgery for Prostate TR/Nocervical Resection of endometrium for Bledding p/v, Gryosurgery, For Piles, Spectroscopy, Sigmoidoscopy, Cystoscopy, Urertric Removal of stones.

Advertiser posted this ad for Hospitals - Clinics - Nursing Homes in Dehradun on 08-May-2008 10:06:14 and it has been visited by 3874 visitors so far on Clickindia.

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0135-652761, 656169

Inder Road, Dalanwala-248 001

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0135-652761, 656169

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