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Montessori Material, Wooden Teaching aids - JP Nagar Phase 2, Bangalore

We are Bangalore based manufacturer and supplier of Montessori equipment and other educational aids. We have been supplying educational materials such as Montessori materials, Sensorial leaning material, Apparatus, Mathematics material, Language material, Geography materials, Zoology materials, Botany materials, Curriculum support materials, Playschool material, Nursery schools materials, to Montessori houses of children and other educational institutions in India and Asia for past 4 years. We boast about being the largest supplier of Montessori materials in India and are also linked with several prestigious chains of schools.

Our educational products are manufactured in compliance to international teaching standards. Our products are used in kindergartens, play homes, organizations for the mentally / physically challenged children, and by parents alike. These products are designed and manufactured according to Montessori specifications and suggestions given by educational experts to offer an excellent base for educating the child. They are used for learning a variety of concepts pertaining to language development, alphabet, counting, and colour identification, eye-hand co-ordination and for a variety of other functions.


Our state of art manufacturing process involves cutting on CNC, woodworking machines and premium quality spray painting. We also have spacious warehouses that are well stocked enabling us to deliver bulk orders quickly and proficiently.


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