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Musical Instruments Veena Chennai - Villivakkam, Chennai

We are the Mfr, sales & service all types of  Veena. We are the manufacture of the Saraswati veena in Tanjore. The Saraswati veena has an interesting construction. It has a body made of wood, generally, this is jackwood. The highest quality veenas have the entire body carved from a single block of wood, while the ordinary veenas have a body which is carved in three sections (resonator, neck and head). There are 24 frets made of brass bars set into wax. There is another resonator at the top of the neck of the veena. This is no longer a functioning resonator, but is mainly used as a stand to facilitate the positioning of the instrument when it is played. Because it is no longer functioning it is not unusual to find that this upper resonator may be made of acoustically neutral materials such as paper mache, cane or other similar materials.

  • All size 
  • 24 brass frets
  • 7 strings. 
  • Painted and carved peg box.
  • With wooden shell case. 
  • A fine quality instrument.

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