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Aloe Body Toning Kit -100% chemical free - Malad, Mumbai

This Product that is the Aloe body Toning kit is sufficient for about 20 usages and is specially formulated products that will assist you in firming and toning the cellulite deposits which form on the body. Used regularly, it will assist in tightening even more, while toning your skin to a silky smoothness, a healthy glow.

  • Help to stimulate the circulation
  • Breaks up trapped fluid and fatty tissue that causes cellulite
  • Tones, moisturizes, firms and conditions skin
  • Detox effect
  • Helps you shed those extra inches
  • Superb combination of herbal complexes
  • Gift boxed
Free product delivery throughout India.

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9987792719, 9987792719

ic. colony, borivali west mumbai 40103

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