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2008 Uniform Plumbing Code - India (Code + Illustrated Training Manual) - Delhi

Book Name : 2008 Uniform Plumbing Code - India (Code + Illustrated Training Manual) Author : Indian Plumbing Association Edition : 2008 Price : Rs.4250 Details : The Uniform Plumbing Code India (UPC) was released on 11 th February, 2008, during the 6 th Indian Plumbing Conference held at the Bombay Exhibition Center. The UPC is an attempt to standardize plumbing procedures in India , a manual which the Indian plumbing industry lacked till now, organized and presented in a user-friendly format. It is the result of the untiring efforts put in by the IPA over a period of 18 months. The UPC-I is based upon the Uniform Plumbing Code of IAPMO, which is followed in most of the states in the USA and in several other countries. The first volume of UPC-I, consists of 16 chapters that deal with the main code, while the second volume is a training manual with detailed sketches and illustrations.

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