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Srishti 2010 IITR - Roorkee

Srishti the very word paints a picture of a never-ending expanse of unexplored creativity. All that the human mind can imagine, all the ideas it can give wings to and all the fancies it can give colour to, are encompassed by this single word. Srishti is the annual techno-hobby exhibition organised by the Hobbies Club IITR. It is one of the largest exhibitions at college-level that recognises innovation a playground for young creative minds. The only one of its kind in IITs, Srishti sees a huge participation of people in terms of footfalls per day with a large number of students and professionals attending this three-day fest. Srishti is a grand event for the enthusiastic hobbyists. Last year, Srishti celebrated its 50th year in existence. The event witnessed an extensive participation of about 7000, comprising students and professionals from all around the country. The fact that all the events, competitions etc. are held in the Hobbies Club IITR premises make it the most happening place to be in for these three days. We hope to follow-up from where we left last year, and put together a much bigger and grander event with every possible effort we can put in.

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