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Hi there! My name is Abdul Jaleel I have been in the field of education for more than a decade now and a licensed teacher in UAE I've worked for a regular school and handled students in the early grades, about 15-20 kids per class for six consecutive years which I believe made me more patient and enthusiastic in dealing with learners and creative as well with my teaching styles. I've spent almost five years teaching English to students of other languages, diverse skills and ages both online and group class approaches through a Foreign Language Academy. I am currently touring the UAE Classes shall be executed through Skype and payment is expected to be sent via paypal or local bank account.

Rate per hour can be negotiable depending on the following: * number of hours enrolled per month * class schedule * student's level of English proficiency * area to focus or improve on (Conversational English, Grammar, Listening, Writing)

Feel Free to send an inquiry through my, skype ID:abduljaleel20121 Looking forward to having you as my future student. Learning English is definitely fun!

Kind Regards, +971509443097, +918089432812

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Abdul Jaleel (Contact Advertiser)

9895159934, 918089432812


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Last updated: 16-Dec-2013
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