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Company Secretary books for professional program & executive program - Only This Much - Mylapore, Chennai


The concept of 'ONLY THIS MUCH' (OTM) book for Company Secretary Exams has been created by a team of young professionals with an aim that students, in their quest to become professionals should grasp the important and finer points of the subjects and to facilitate easy and repeated reading. Only This Much for Company Secretary Executive Program (OTM CS EP) covers the following subjects in Module II: . Economic & Labour Laws . Securities Laws & Compliances . Company Law Only This Much for Company Secretary Professional Program (OTM CS PP)covers the following subjects in Module I, II, II and IV: . Corporate Restructuring and Insolvency . Strategic Management, Alliances and International Trade (WTO) . Drafting, Appearances and Pleadings . Company Secretarial Practice . Due Diligence and Corporate Compliance Management . Corporate Governance, Business Ethics and Sustainability OTM is an attempt to change your learning experience in a manner which is both appealing and comprehensible. It is built on the philosophy that "Nothing should be read, unless otherwise it's interesting". We have presented OTM in a pictorial manner with a reader friendly representation of provisions of law to facilitate repeated reading. We have also maintained the friendly icon - "line" to help you with your reviews and study. See the OTM approach below.

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