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Chaitanya Child Occupational therapy centre Chennai - Arumbakkam, Chennai


Chaitanya (A Place for Child with Special Needs)
Chaitanya is one of the leading therapy centre with implementing latest techniques to develop child's Mind Reading skills, Joint attention, Social Interaction, Pragmatics, Perceptual, Coordination, Gross & fine motor skills through play  for Autism, ADHD, Asperger s Syndrome and other behavioural issues of Children.

Services Offered:

        Occupational Therapy

        Social Communication Therapy

        Special Education

        Group Therapy

        Sensory Integration Therapy

        Play therapy

We Focus on:  

        Academic Readiness

        Peer interaction skills

        Social skills

        Emotional skills

        Development skills (Fine & Gross motor skills)

        Sensory integration

        Behavioural issues

Dr. Geeva Kamal Raj updated this ad for Other Alternative Treatments in Arumbakkam Chennai on 27-Oct-2011 11:24:13 and it has been visited by 1038 visitors so far on Clickindia.

Call Dr. Geeva Kamal Raj - 9940044709 / 04442613030

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