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Manual Gardenning Tools - Importer & Distributor - Mumbai

Manual Gardenning Tools - Importer & Distributor

Manual Gardenning Tools - Importer & Distributor - 2Manual Gardenning Tools - Importer & Distributor - 3

Manual Gardening Tools For planting & row making

We are Importer & distributor for all manual gardening tools

Weeding trowel large & small, weeding fork, hand cultivator, weeder available with inter changeable & fixed handles.

For more details price list and personal orders please visit our site or feel free to call

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Nilesh Patel posted this ad for Gardening Supplies in Mumbai on 13-Feb-2010 13:12:37 and it has been visited by 409 visitors so far on Clickindia.

Contact details:

Nilesh Patel (Contact Advertiser)

9819720093, 022-65559260

Malad, Mumbai

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