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Chocolate making classes by 'Chocolate Heaven' - Noida

Chocolate making classes by 'Chocolate Heaven'

Chocolate making classes by 'Chocolate Heaven' - 2

Learn the art of making exquisite chocolates at home. Chocolate Heaven offers two levels of courses- Beginner's and Advanced. In the Beginner's course, you'll learn how to temper milk, dark and white chocolates perfectly and also create a range of chocolates, such as Fruit 'n' Nut, Coffee Crunch, Mint, Marble Swirls, Chocolate-covered fruits and marshmallow, Chocolate wafers, and more. You'll also learn how to gift wrap them in a beautiful, professional manner. Those who've mastered the basics can enroll for the Advanced Course, where you'll learn how to make a variety of exquisite fillings (ganache) for your pralines (liqueur, mint, strawberry, orange, etc), en-robing, decorating, and more. Both courses take place in small batches of 4-6 people to ensure hands-on practice for everyone. Each course lasts 4-5 hours and takes place on Saturdays and Sundays (and weekdays on request) in Noida.

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