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Wanted Wine Shop license FL-II & CL-III in Mumbai - Ghatkopar, Mumbai


We at Hospitality have inquiries for Wine Shop licenses both FL II & CL III.

Owners interested in selling their licenses / licences kindly contact us at the earliest. We assure a good price.


  • Sugriv Kadam for his Bhiwandi clients wants a FL-II License  for Rs.1.15cr & CL-III License for Rs.35-Rs.40 lacs (dt: 9th April 2010)
  • Amit Kodte wants a FL-II License for Mumbai for Rs.1.10-1.15cr. (dt: 8th April 2010)
  • Deepak Kukreja wants a FL-II License for Mumbai (dt: 6th April 2010)
  • Anand Jaiswal wants a CL-III License for Nanded (dt: 4th April 2010)
  • Yogesh Shah for his relative in Pune wants a FL-II License (dt: 3rd April 2010)
  • Pramod wants a FL-II License for his client at Panvel for Rs.1.25-1.30cr with TRANSFER (dt: 2nd April 2010)
  • Niraj Gandhi  an Investor from Nagpur wants FL-II licenses at Nashik / Nagpur / Kolhapur / Solapur for Rs.1.15cr (dt: 31st March 2010)
  • Vicky Shende for his client wants a FL-II License at Ahmednagar or Beed (dt: 30th March 2010)
  • Anil Gaikwad wants a FL-II License for Pune area (dt: 26th March 2010)
  • Somraj Shinde wants a Beer Shoppe License for Satara (dt: 22nd March 2010)
  • Hari for his Panvel based client wants a FL-II License (22nd March 2010)
  • Yogesh Shah wants a FL-II License for Aurangabad (dt: 21st March 2010)
  • Hitesh wants 3 FL-II Licenses for his clients (dt: 21st March 2010)
  • Sagar Pujari for his client wants FL-II License for Pune (dt: 18th March 2010)
  • Pawan wants a CL-III license for his client. Budget Rs.35lacs - 40 lacs. (dt: 11th March 2010)
  • Amit Gawade wants a running FL-II License (Liquor License) for Rs.1cr - Rs.1.10crore between Kurla to Thane (dt: 10th March 2010)
  • Hari Nilkar wants a FL-II (Foreign Liquor license) for Kalyan (10th March 2010)
  • Raju Raikar wants a Foreign Liquor License (FL-II) for Panvel (9th March 2010)
  • Uday / Muttu Kumar wants a FL-II License (Foreign Liquor) for Khopoli. Budget Rs.1.25crore max including Transfer charges (8th March 2010)
  • Raj wants a current FL-II License for his client in Mumbai (dt: 8th March 2010)
  • Ashish B. wants a CL-III (Country Liquor License) for Rs.40lacs in Central Suburbs preferably Thane (dt: 6th March 2010)
  • Kirti Gandhi wants FL-II & CL-III Licenses (dt: 4th March 2010)
  • Tushar wants a FL-II license for Pimpri-Chinchwad region (dt: 3rd March 2010)
  • Sandeep Metkari wants a FL-II license for Sangli. He already has a Country Liquor shop. Budget: Rs.1.10crore with Transfer. (dt: 3rd March 2010)
  • Mohit Shah has a 300sq.ft. shop in Andheri West & wants to start a Foreign Liquor / Wine Shop. Therefore looking for a FL-II license (dt: 3rd March 2010).

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