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Sanolux ULTRA VITALUX sun lamp The ULTRA VITALUX lamp produces a mix of radiation very similar to that of natural sunlight and can have the same positive biological effects on the body as the sun. This blend of radiation is generated by a quartz discharge tube and a tungsten filament. The bulb is made of special glass which allows only that part of the output that is contained in natural sunlight to pass through. Radiation UVA 315-400nm after 1 hour: 13,6W Radiation UVB 280-315nm after 1 hour: 3W Please note: Before using the lamp to treat medical conditions, consult your doctor about the most effective therapy. Considerable heat is produced. Operate the lamps only in suitable equipment. Protect the lamp against moisture and splashes. Lamps emit high-intensity UV radiation that can cause sunburn and conjunctivitis. The light from this special lamp is similar in its composition to the complete radiation mixture of natural alpine sunlight. It is generated by a tungsten filament and a high pressure lamp. The special glass bulb of the Sanolux lamp is fitted with an internal reflector which focuses the radiation. Special doping of the glass ensures that the lamp only emits the UVA and UVB radiation contained in sunlight. A significant advantage of this lamp is its easy handling. It has an E 27 base which allows it to be used without additional equipment wherever there is a 230V mains voltage supply. Due to its sun-like radiation spectrum, the Sanolux lamp is particularly well suited to simulating the sun in industrial material testing. In many production fields, this testing of materials and equipment is an important part of quality assurance. In many fields of production, testing of materials and equipment is important for ensuring high quality standards. Laboratory tests can provide valuable quick-motion insights in the following areas: fitness for service in the tropics, artificial ageing and weathering, determination of changes in material properties, or functionality and durability under unusual climatic conditions. The total irradiation of natural sunlight on the earth s surface with the sun in zenith position is approximately 1 kW/m2. This average is achieved by evenly arranging 16 lamps per square metre of the area to be treated (distance between bulb and material to be irradiated about 50 cm). The yearly average of solar irradiation at a latitude of 50 North is about 200 W/m2. The high proportion of UV radiation in the spectrum of this lamp also makes it a useful accessory for hardening plastics (polymerisation). The application of UV lamps has greatly simplified the handling of plastics and adhesives. Dosing and mixing of different components, and working under time pressure due to limited pot life are largely a thing of the past. Under normal room illumination the plastic material can be handled and processed for almost any length of time. It can then quickly be hardened under UV irradiation. Because of its advantages - simple handling and low costs - Sanolux is now used extensively for this application in workshops, in mobile equipment for repair work and for hobby activities. Sanolux has also found entry into the electronics industry. Because of its high UV yield and its simple handling, the lamp is frequently used for exposing UV-sensitive photo-resist in the production of circuit boards. Illuminance and Irradiance of the Sanolux Lamp (Distance = 0.5 m) Operating Time Illuminance UVB UVA Visible 280-315 nm 315-400 nm 380-780 nm h lx W/m2 W/m2 W/m2 1 14400 3.0 13.6 41.4 500 13700 1.8 11.0 39.0 1000 10800 1.1 7.3 29.7 Please Contact for your requirements at wholesale prices. vijay aggarwal DURGA TRADING CORPORATION 1767,

VIJAY AGGARWAL updated this ad for Other Alternative Treatments in Delhi on 01-Sep-2014 08:14:57 and it has been visited by 1097 visitors so far on Clickindia.

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Durga Trading Corpn., 1767, Bhagirath Palace, Chandni Chowk, Delhi-110006 Contact Person: Vijay Aggarwal, Mobile Tele:+91-9811033012

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