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Institute of Ultrasound Training is an affiliate education center of Jefferson Ultrasound Research & Education  Institute, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia, USA --the only collaborating center in the world recognized by World Health Organization(WHO) for imparting training & education in ultrasound

Institute of Ultrasound training is a center solely dedicated to education, training and research in diagnostic ultrasound and color Doppler since 2000. It is also the only center in India having recognition from Indian Medical Association --Academy of Medical Specialities. It is also among the very few centers in India having recognition from Federation of Obstetrical & Gynaecological Societies of India.

Within a short span the institute has trained thousands of doctors  ranging from professors of medical colleges to fresh graduates from all over the world.

Located in the heart of New Delhi -the capital city of India, the Institute is lodged in a three storey building with residential facilities for trainee doctors, a library, a large auditorium for audiovisual lectures besides the clinical area. Institute has a highly dedicated and experienced faculty who encourage and instigate each student  to bring out the best in them. Teaching sessions are conducted in highly cordial and informal atmosphere so that the trainee doctors can clear their doubts without hesitation.

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