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Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality Management - Learn & Work - Bangalore

Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality Management - Learn & Work

Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality Management - Learn & Work - 2Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality Management - Learn & Work - 3Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality Management - Learn & Work - 4Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality Management - Learn & Work - 5

A Unique Learn and Work Programme in Tourism and Hospitality Management at Bangalore Management Academy (BMA) in association with Nanyang Institute of Management, Singapore.

After 6 months of intensive classroom training (3 months at BMA, Bangalore and 3 months at Nanyang, Singapore) the students is sent for an internship to a leading star hotels, resorts, casinos, cruise liners, travel agencies, airlines etc in Singapore.

The student receives a stipend during this internship (SGD 600 to SGD 750) which is around Rs.20000 pm

Nanyang Institute of Management, a Singapore Quality Class institution is the only private institution which has been given EDB approval for Industrial Attachment. The on-job training provides students with an opportunity to put in practice what they have learnt in school. Students also gain valuable work experience and confidence before completion of the course. Upon completion of the course, job opportunities are often offered to students who perform extremely well during the attachment.   
Core Modules


  • Human Resources Management (HRM)
  • Service Quality Management (SQM)
  • Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality
  • Tour Operations Management

At Nanyang, Singapore:

  • Global Distribution System
  • HOMA (Fidelio)
  • Food & Beverage Management
  • Hospitality Operations Management


  • December, March, June, September

 Entry Requirements:

Applicants must have the following entry requirements:

  1. Completion of Yr 12 education or equivalent
  2. Students whose first language is not English must demonstrate competency in the English language by the attainment of one of the following (or equivalent): Nanyang Certificate in General English (Advanced Level), or IELTS 5.0

Course Duration:  
The total duration of the programme is 14-month comprising 6 months of theory and practical training on campus and 8 months of paid Industrial Attachment.

Contact us for prospectus and other admission details.

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