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Itp ayurvedic treatment and cure - Pune

- Itp ayurvedic treatment and cure by drk2s
- Asking price is Negotiable for this Ayurveda Treatment

Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP)





ITP is a disease in which antibodies form and destroy the body's platelets. Why the antibodies form is not known to modern sciences.Ayurveda Thinks  differently .Giving platles outside , bone marrow transplant is temporary with its own limitation.Ayurvedic Herbs stops process of forming antibodies to treat root cause. This improve symptoms like bleeding ,spots on skin ,patches & decreased platlets in 6 weeks.There are still some fields of health problems,in which though there is enough medicine advancement  but that problems remain unchallanced .  ITP - thrombocytopenia is one of the question . Ayurveda have fundamental answer & solution to this problem .


We diagnose by ayurvedic principles & advise :


Constitution specific :


1) Diet - Lifestyle Management 

2) Herb powder & Tablets

3) Panchakarama  Therapies 

By balancing root cause &cellular detoxification one can achive stability of his health very easily Thats why many no. of patients world wide satiefied by this fundamental approach of safe & effective  ayurvedic medicine & therapies 





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