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Best Coaching for CA/ CWA/ CS- offered by CMS Professional Academy - Hyderabad


Our CA Final program is unique and is driven by top-notch instructors in a live classroom environment who provide guidance to solve 400+ problems in each practical paper. Our students spend 180+ hours on each subject, undergo rigorous mock examinations every week and are audience to industry experts and a family of most qualified CAs in the country. 180+ hours of rigorous training combined with over 400 problems in each practical paper shall help you develop all-round business and financial acumen, along with problem solving skills. Our training programme is designed to ensure each student is given the maximum opportunity for passing their exams and achieving their end goal - qualifying as a CA in your first attempt. The exam is challenging, the syllabus is wide, but we at CMS offer all the support you need both inside and outside the classroom to give you the best chance of success in the program.

  • Highlights in May 2008 CA final Examination
  • All India Top marks in MAFA (91 out of 100)
  • Hyderabad first in Direct Taxes (76 out of 100)
  • Produced 57 Qualified Chartered Accountants
  • 17 students secured more than 75 marks in MAFA
  • 24 Students secured more than 60 marks in Accounts

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