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Wedding Planners & Event Managers - Chetput, Chennai

We help couples plan, manage and implement all the necessary tasks required to host a successful wedding event - the most important day in a couples life.

Peace of Mind - We offer a complete range of services for your wedding. No hassles dealing and haggling with individual suppliers, we do it all for you.
Special Rates - Because we organise weddings on a regular basis, our preferred suppliers offer us special discounted prices for services that would not otherwise be offered to you.
bullet     Valuable Experience - We have been planning and organizing weddings since 2004 and coordinated over 30 weddings of all sizes, budgets, themes and religious affiliations. We have seen it all, we know what it takes and can offer the best advice.
Cost Savings - Hiring a wedding planner can actually save you money. Tight controls on your budget and special supplier rates ensure you get a better deal. You will more than likely end up overspending when you deal with suppliers and vendors individually.
Personal Service -  We are family owned and operated. We believe it is important to feel comfortable around the people you share your personal wishes with. When you deal us, you are dealing with the owners directly.

Selvakumar updated this ad for Matrimonials in Chetput Chennai on 12-Mar-2009 12:04:10 and it has been visited by 847 visitors so far on Clickindia.

Contact details:

Selvakumar (Contact Advertiser)

9840801868, 044-26445059

D8/6. T.N.Govt. Staff Quarters, Aynavaram road, Aynavaram. chennai-600023

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