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Sale for agriculture land Residential plots - Ahmednagar

Vintage Farms & Vintage Residency


CITY VENTURES AND HOLDINGS / SANT KABIR PROPERTIES   is a Real Estate Company and a Partnership Firm Owned by four Owners Mr. Shashi Bushan Pandey, Mr. Marthy  Dinkar, Mr. Vikesh Jain  and Mr. Munir Khan.  It came into existence in January 2007. Mr. Marthy Dinkar and Mr. Shashi Bushan Pandey started the Company by acquiring land in and around different parts of Ahmednagar District. The Company holds a land of around 1200 acres. The Company has launched Two Projects VINTAGE FARMS  AND  VINTAGE RESIDENCY.  It is situated in the green farm land of village ASTHAGAON, near SUPE PHATA on PUNE-AHMEDNAGAR ROAD, a place so beautiful and breath taking, surrounded by small hills.


 VINTAGE FARMS  is a very unique concept. It brings you close to Mother Nature which has been providing mankind for generations. We have a total of 565 Acres of Agriculture Land of which a person can buy Quarter Acre/ Half Acre and One Acre Plots. Its 98 k m From Pune and 25 k m Before Ahmednagar. The Company would basically do ORGANIC FARMING on the land. With basic Amenities and facilities like-

Amenities:-                                                Facilities:-

Road                                                            Sale Deed/ Lease Deed


Hirokjyoti updated this ad for Real Estate Agents in Ahmednagar on 10-Aug-2010 10:10:14 and it has been visited by 815 visitors so far on Clickindia.

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Hirokjyoti (Contact Advertiser)


Koregaon Park.Next to ST.Mira's College Pune-411001

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