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Vinod 4 Ltr Premium Stainless Steel Cooker + FREE - 2 tier Steamer Set - Noida

1) Made of Premium Quality Steel Stainless Steel 2) Thick Sandwich Bottom base with 5 mm Alumimum layer inside. Facilitate fuel saving. 3) Lifestyle product though affordable 4) Comes with 2 Tier Stainless Steel Steamer (1 SS Steamer, 1 SS pot, 1 Glass Lid). 5) Steamer allows veg steaming, Dhoklas/idli making, and other steaming tasks 6) Bottom pot can be used for cooking and sering, comes with tempered glass lid 5) Strong enough to use for generations 5) Silver finish, Trendy and Stylish design. 6) Thick wall bowls keep food warm for long. 7) Easy to clean, its shine remains same even after years of extensive use.

Suman updated this ad for Kitchen Appliances in Noida on 16-Aug-2010 13:28:24 and it has been visited by 1123 visitors so far on Clickindia.

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