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Solar Mobile Charger india - Bhopal

We are a manufacturer, exporter and supplier of solar mobile chargers. These are available in different colors and designs. Solar mobile charger are very easy to use. Proper battery back up is available in these cells. We provide multi adapter set which can charge almost all types of charger. These mobile charger performs special functions like it can also play mp3 players, musical instruments etc. We take bulk orders from the customers to manufacture solar mobile charger.
Some of the key features are as follows :
. Good battery back up with unique design.
 Available with multi adapter set which can charge almost all types of phones.
. For AA batteries it can be used as a battery charger.
. Can play mp3 players, musical instruments etc.
Solar Mobile Charger uses sunlight to Charge the battery (Nimh). The battery voltage is converted into suitable DC voltage to charge the Mobile battery.
- Very high efficiency electronic circuit
- Low self-discharge, highly reliable, No-maintenance Li-Ion battery
- Protected from overcharging, Short Circuit.
- LED indication for "Mobile Charger ON"
- High reliability and durability
- Solar Module: 1.5Wp Crystalline Silicon.
- Battery 4.8V,1300 or 2100 mAh
- Display Indications - LED (Mobile ON)
- Cooling - Natural air cooled

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