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milky mushroom cultivition training and spawn marketing - Belgaum


We cultivate milky mushroom in commercially and do marketing .We organize training program in Belgium for the interested people and do a buy back for training register ur name before end of September (training fees 1250). We also supply mushroom spawn both milky mushroom and oyster mushroom @80/- kg. to place order call us or mail us us required quantity 15 days in advance.

(training and consultancy)

raj posted this ad for Food Shops - Stores in Belgaum on 10-Sep-2010 11:53:53 and it has been visited by 755 visitors so far on Clickindia.

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raj (Contact Advertiser)

Ravioli National Rabbit and Mushroom, Churmuri, Sawantwadi Road, Belgaum Karnataka.

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