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Watercolour Art classes for children, youth and adults - Bandra, Mumbai

Watercolour Art classes for children, youth and adults

Plunge into a world full of colours and fantasy. Let your imagination flow. Discover that you are creative and that your mind is full of ideas that want to come out. In a personal atmosphere you will have fun and learn different artistic expressions. Art is important for the development of children and youth. They learn to observe and to concentrate. Their imagination and creativity will be furthered. And this helps them a lot for being successful in school. The classes can be teached either in English, German or Spanish. 
Mrs. Shanti Jahnsen has professional experience in mediating art. She worked with children, youth and adults in different art projects in Germany and other countries. She also did several exhibitions around the world.

Shanti Jahnsen updated this ad for Hobby - Music - Dance in Bandra Mumbai on 20-Jan-2009 13:23:49 and it has been visited by 988 visitors so far on Clickindia.

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Shanti Jahnsen (Contact Advertiser)


Murli Govind 33rd Road Khar (W), 400052 Mumabai India

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