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Computer Education Group(9001:2008) want new franchises - Kolkata

Computer Education Group(9001:2008) want new franchises

Computer Education  Group(9001:2008) want new franchises for west bengal

a  high-end computer education hub 

About  us 

Sky India group is  fastest growing name in IT world and  has a strong presence with a reputed  place in : 

    • Computer  education
    • Software Design
    • Website Design & Development


Sky India group is  an ISO 9001-2008 certified group, we touched  the IT sector in 2008. 

a  high-end computer education hub 

Software  Development 

Module   1  

  •   Basic Programming knowledge
  • Assignment & Project


Module  - 2   

  •   C Programming Language
  • C++ Programming Language
  • System Analysis and Design(SAD)
  • Assignment & Project


Module  - 3  

  •   Core java
  • Advance Java(RMI, Servlet & JSP)
  • Oracle
  • Assignment & Project

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