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Opening Demat Account Zero A/C Opening fee, 50% Brokerage So save... - Amarajyothi Nagar, Bangalore



At edelweiss, started in the year 1995 August. Edelweiss is one of the leading institutional broking firms in the country, we provide broking services to domestic institutions and big financial company and we provide superior brokerage based product and services coupled with high quality research to individuals across market segments. You get access to a pool of research report and innovative strategies which allow you to add value to your investment portfolio and make the most of your trades. We have recently launched a new Retail broking company, which caters to individual investors for online trading.


Demat account allows you to buy, sell and transact shares without the endless paperwork and delays. It is also safe, secure and convenient.

What is De mat Account?
De mat refers to a dematerialized account.
Just as you have to open an account with a bank if you want to save your money, make cheque payments etc, you need to open a demat account if you want to buy or sell stocks. So it is just like a bank account where actual money is replaced by shares. You have to approach the DPs (remember, they are like bank branches), to open your demat account.


 * By opening this account a person can earn extra  income
 * We can also avail tax benefit
 * We can do online trading
 * To open a Demat account, person should be having a bank account in any of these banks in which Edelweiss is tied up with ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, AXIS Bank, KOTAK Bank and in YES Bank.
 * In case the customer is an account holder of other banks than we open the account in YES Bank with 0 balances.
 * You can create your Portfolios and view their performances across time range, for all the asset classes like equity, Mutual Funds, commodities etc. all in one place.
 * You can get actionable BUY / SELL strategies which can be executed with a single click.
 * You can get Edelweiss award winning research based on your investments profile, your trading patterns and your preferences.
 * You can get research calls through our SMS facility. You can set alert on your stocks.
 * You can also access markets and stocks information; track your portfolio and view strategies through the Edelweiss  Mobile Website
 * If you are offline, you can still access our website features through the desktop application.
 * You will get Free call and trade services (other competitors charge Rs.25 and so on).


Employees working in a company and getting take home 25k and above per
Month for them trading account opening charge will be FREE, just they have to submit their required documents.

Annual Charges will be Free for life long.

Demat Charge is Free for 1st year of account opening.


The Process:

Saving Account -> Trading Account -> Demat Account


Saving Account: A person can transfer their money online to the trading account.

Trading Account: A person can Buy or Sell Shares from the account.

Demat Account: A person can Stock / Hold Shares in this account.

(Delivery of Stocks: Clients can hold the stocks for  number of years.)

Intra Day: Daily investment between 9:00 to 3:30 can sell and buy on the same day, if selling is not happening than by default company sells the shares.

Delivery of stock: The customer holds the stock for long time 1 to 10 years or more can Also sell partly if the customer wants can sell the no. of shares.

Minimum Rs 500 for Stock-Delivery of stock, And for Intra day Rs 100 minimum. 


PLAN 1: Normal Plan:  BROKERAGE

You can avail our standard plan in which you will have to pay Rs.750 as the account opening fees which is one time and the demat charges are waived for the 2 years. And the brokerage rate will depend on the volume you trade. The rates vary from maximum of 50paise to a minimum of 15paise for every trade value of Rs. 100 for trades in the delivery segment. Demat charges for DELIVERY 0.45% and for INTRADAY 0.045%.


We also have another promotional scheme going on where the subscription fee is Rs. 1250. This comprises of Rs.400 as the account opening fees and Rs.850 as the brokerage. The demat charges are waived for the 2 years. You will be eligible to trade up to an aggregate value of Rs.2lacs for trades in the delivery segment. So the effective brokerage rate will be 43paisa for every trade value of Rs.100. This subscription plan is valid for 6 months. Demat charges for DELIVERY limit is 2lacs charges 0.45% and for INTRADAY limit is upto 20 lacs charges 0.045%.


There are few DOCUMENTS that are required to open a trading account. If you can keep these docu

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