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Pusa Polytechnic - Engineering Institute in Delhi - Delhi


Pusa Polytechnic is one of the best & oldest Institute in New Delhi. It was established in 1962. We offer wide engineering courses like Civil Engg., Automobile Engg. ( Part Time & Full Time ), Electrical Engg., Electronics & Comm. Engg. ( Part Time & Full Time ), Mechanical Engg., Printing Tech., Construction Engg.,etc. We provides all necessary facilities and amenities like modern class room, library, modern computer lab., Canteen, etc. We also provide hostel facilities for boys. For more detail please contact us or visit our website

Mr. B.D. Mendiratta posted this ad for Engineering in Delhi on 27-Jan-2009 14:14:26 and it has been visited by 4986 visitors so far on Clickindia.

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