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Dr Manas Panigrahi Advanced Neurosurgery in Hyderabad - Secunderabad

Dr  Manas Panigrahi Advanced Neurosurgery in Hyderabad

Dr.Manas K Panigrahi, Consultant Neurosurgeon at Krsihna Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS), Hyderabad  is a world renowned neurosurgeon and an alumnus of prestigious National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS), Bangalore, India.

He has a very distinguished career as a neurosurgeon. He also worked as a Neurosurgeon Fellow, Cerebrovascular and Skull base Surgery, Wayne State University, USA.


Having served in various capacities in prominent tertiary care centers and centers of excellence in neurological care such as NIMHANS, and NIMS, Hyderabad, Dr. Panigrahi brings with him an unparallel expertise and thoroughness that only few of his peers can claim.

Dr. Panigrahi is one of the few expert neurosurgeons right now in India having cutting edge expertise performing highly complicated and advanced epilepsy surgical procedures. He has 8 years experience in epilepsy surgery.
He has performed more than 160 temporal lobe surgeries, 12 Hemispherectomies, 8 Vagal nerve stimulation therapy and more than 70 extra-temporal lobe surgeries. The Neurosurgery department has equipment to do mapping of brain areas, navigation, microscope , ultrasonic aspirator and endoscopes to perform surgery.

He is one of the pioneers of Functional Hemispherectomy; a rare surgical procedure, which is most of the times, used a last resort to treat incurable epilepsy.

To avail the expert services you can contact him by phone

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Contact details:

Dr Manas Panigrahi


1-8-31/1, Minister Road, Secunderabad - 500003 AP, INDIA.

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